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Learn why you need a Power of Attorney (Living Will)

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Your life can change in an instant as a result of an accident or sudden illness that leaves you incapacitated. It may take a long time to recover – maybe months or even years. In that time, decisions need to be made about your healthcare. It may also be necessary to address changes in your financial circumstances.

Edmonton law office for set up of Power Of Attorney, also known as Living Will or Personal Directive, for personal care, healthcare, non-financial and property.

Who makes potentially life-altering decisions for you if a sudden illness or accident leaves you incapacitated for a prolonged period?

That’s why it is so important to designate who will make those decisions for you, known formally as a Living Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Personal Directive. Choose your designate carefully as they may have to make some big decisions, including whether you want the efforts of healthcare providers to stop under certain circumstances.

Your designate can be an adult or a financial institution, but not a Public Trustee. Since a lot can change in just a few years, it’s important to review your Power of Attorney regularly. For example, your designate could no longer be appropriate because he or she moved to another country or became ill themselves.

If a designate refuses to act on your behalf, another person must approach the court and apply to become your Power of Attorney.

You have the option of cancelling a Power of Attorney at any time, provided all involved parties are notified of the cancellation. A new Power of Attorney should be set up immediately to protect your interests.

An experienced Wills and Estate lawyer can provide expert guidance on how to set up a Power of Attorney, which should be a key element of any Wills and Estates plan.

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Don’t hold back because you are afraid that you will be charged just to talk with the lawyer. Most lawyers, including me, will not charge you anything to talk over the phone or have an introductory meeting. If you call me (and I hope you do), I will give you a quick list of do’s and don’ts, based on the type of property you hope to buy. Just those few tips could end up saving you time and money. Many first time buyers think they can limit legal fees by bringing in a lawyer after the deal is done. That is a bad idea because no buyer, and especially no first-time buyer, should sign anything until it has been reviewed by a lawyer. Failing to take that step could mean that you have unknowningly accepted rights and duties that cost you much more than the lawyer’s fee.

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