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What real estate lawyer Andrew Geisterfer does for you when you are purchasing a property

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On the surface, a property purchase appears to involve little else other than payment and transfer of title. But almost any purchase also involves legal issues that can have significant implications. For example, there could be hidden liabilities that you will assume when you complete the purchase of the property. "I want my clients to understand the basic terms and conditions and what they are getting into globally,” says real estate lawyer Andrew Geisterfer. "But I am careful to not talk like a lawyer, because then they will forget everything. It is much better to focus on the five most important things my client needs to know, that they can remember.”

Edmonton law office for proven real estate legal services required to complete a property purchase.

Choosing proven Edmonton real estate lawyer Andrew Geisterfer means this sign will not go up until he is sure there are no hidden liabilities in the sales agreement.

Here, in more specific terms, are the legal services Andrew will deliver to protect your interests and complete the transaction to your satisfaction:

  • Review, in non technical terms, the "fine print” in your purchase contract
  • Identify any liabilities that are attached to the purchase of the property, such as a lien
  • Review the documents for the title, mortgage, and taxes
  • Complete the registration of legal documents
  • Ensure that you possess valid ownership documentation

How much do real estate legal services cost?

Complete a Title Search

When you acquire a property, you also acquire any encumbrances attached to the property over its entire history. Typical examples of encumbrances include liens, easements and unpaid mortgage or taxes. The process of checking the history of a property for any encumbrances is called a Title Search. A title search is also performed when the owner of the property requests a mortgage on the property.


Registration of Deed

In the typical real estate transaction, the deed and mortgage need to be registered with the land registrar. The cost is $70.00 per document.

Execution Certificates


Title Insurance

While your lawyer will make every effort to protect your interests, there are some liabilities that could go undetected until after you have assumed title. That’s why it is important to have the added protection provided by Title Insurance. For a relatively small cost, generally between $250 and $350, Title Insurance can give you protection against easements, zoning non-compliance, fraud and encroachments.


Office Expenses such as fax, copies, courier, etc.: $40.00-$50.00

Legal Scenario

First time home purchaser

"I have never bought a home before and am unsure about how to get started and what I will have to pay."

What Would Andrew Recommend?

Don’t hold back because you are afraid that you will be charged just to talk with the lawyer. Most lawyers, including me, will not charge you anything to talk over the phone or have an introductory meeting. If you call me (and I hope you do), I will give you a quick list of do’s and don’ts, based on the type of property you hope to buy. Just those few tips could end up saving you time and money. Many first time buyers think they can limit legal fees by bringing in a lawyer after the deal is done. That is a bad idea because no buyer, and especially no first-time buyer, should sign anything until it has been reviewed by a lawyer. Failing to take that step could mean that you have unknowningly accepted rights and duties that cost you much more than the lawyer’s fee.

Meet Andrew Geisterfer Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer

Andrew Geisterfer

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